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Our mission

Communicate on different scientific projects with high-quality videos

In SciencEscape, we strongly believe that filming and sharing researchers experiences and adventures in the field is the most effective way to transmit a scientific message to the general public.


Whether you’re a researcher in biology, physics, geology,… or you represent a university, a museum, a private company,... we have a solution for your audiovisual scientific outreach projects. 


Let’s collaborate to make an outstanding video about your scientific topic! 


Our strenghts

  • Strong experience as researchers and video-makers

  • Team of field scientists used to work in remote places

  • We fully understand any scientific problematics in relation with natural sciences

  • We are aware of the needs and constraints of researchers' lives

  • Non-profit organization officially recognized as being of public utility by the State of Geneva (Switzerland)

  • All our incomes are used to reach our ideal goal (i.e., transmission of scientific knowledge)

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