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Our mission

Communicate on different scientific projects with high-quality videos

At SciencEscape, our mission is to produce educational scientific documentaries to share the knowledge and passion of those working in the field of natural sciences with the general public.

We aim to inform a broad audience about current research topics based on scientific data whilst strengthening the dialogue between science and society. We also strive to spark an interest in natural sciences amongst youth to ensure the next generation of scientists.

We firmly believe in filming and sharing researchers adventures in the field as the most effective way to convey a scientific message to the general public.

Whether you are a biologist, astronomer, geologist, climatologist, or a representative of a university, museum, or other research institution, we look forward to creating an exceptional video about your research.


Our strenghts

  • Strong experience as researchers and video-makers

  • Team of field scientists and journalists used to work in remote places

  • We fully understand any scientific problematics in relation with natural sciences

  • We are aware of the needs and constraints of researchers' lives

  • Non-profit organization officially recognized as being of public utility by the State of Geneva (Switzerland)

  • All our incomes are used to reach our ideal goal (i.e., transmission of scientific knowledge)

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