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Ongoing and upcoming projects

SciencEscape operates in collaboration with various research institutions, tackling specific themes and projects. Simultaneously, we independently develop our own documentary projects, which form the core of our mission. This approach allows us to focus on topics that are particularly meaningful to us and bring them to life according to our vision, aiming to share knowledge with a broad audience, always free of charge. Below, you will find a list of our ongoing independent projects.

Climat décodé

"Decoded Climate" takes you on a cinematic journey into urgent global climate issues. Through local heroes and a geological lens, we provoke reflection and action. Join us for public screenings, turning awareness into a call for a sustainable future.

Affiche projet climat.png

Feu et corail

"Fire and Coral" dives into the heart of Caribbean reefs and the mysteries between corals and volcanoes. This documentary explore marine ecosystems and exposes the urgency of coral preservation to protect our planet's balance.

Affiche projet Geovolco.png

Les gardiens de Menjez

"Guardians of Menjez's Past": Explore Lebanon's ancient megalithic tombs with Dr. Tara Steimer's "MEG-A" project. This documentary showcases passionate scientists, Menjez locals preserving heritage, and promoting tourism around these precious relics. 

Affiche projet Archéo Liban.png

Fossiles, entre passé et futur

"Fossils – Witnesses of the Past, Sculptors of the Future": Dive into paleontology's mysteries with SciencEscape and La Souris Verte. Three engaging video capsules unveil Swiss fossil richness, cutting-edge study techniques, and cultural significance.

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