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The guardians of Menjez's past – The megaliths of Lebanon revealed

Lebanon, rich in archaeological remains, hosts the "MEG-A" project co-directed by Dr. Tara Steimer from the University of Geneva. Focused on the impressive megalithic tombs of northern Lebanon in the Menjez region, the project explores the origins of the builders, their emergence in the 4th/3rd millennium BCE, and the role of sponsors in the formation of Levantine city-states.


The documentary project "Guardians of Menjez's Past" delves into this archaeological adventure, capturing passionate scientists exploring these mysterious megaliths. The inhabitants of Menjez play a key role, sharing their vision of the site and contributing to the preservation of heritage.

The ongoing scientific project goes beyond archaeology, embodying a local effort to preserve these necropolises and promote tourism around these precious relics of the past.

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