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The importance of scientific journalism for natural sciences

In recent decades, thanks to the continuous scientific progress and the advent of new technologies, science has occupied an ever more central place in our society. Two major obstacles arise from this: how to ensure the link between science and the general public through information, transparency, and education?; and how to provide with the correct and adapted use of science and technology by each actor of the society, from citizens to their representatives? Scientific journalism is among the most engaging responses to these concerns. Unfortunately, some scientific disciplines, especially natural sciences, are rarely highlighted. Despite their capital importance to meet current challenges, from climate change to the exploration of other planetary systems, the public is rarely aware of the important problematics on which natural sciences researchers work. 

The creation of SciencEscape

Faced with this observation, a group of PhDs in geosciences created in 2019 a non-profit association based in Geneva officially recognized as being ‘of public utility’ specializing in science outreach and communication (see Statutes). Its primary goal is the production of aesthetic and educational videos, by scientists and professional video makers, focused mainly on research topics that have impact on the society. This association offers to the general public multimedia content, especially short documentaries relating the adventures of scientists in the field. All association members have a wide-ranging expertise in “System Earth” with in depth-knowledge of climate issues related to rivers flooding, desertification, and global warming impacts on corals. All passionate about outdoor video production, they combine practical experience in the field acquired during exploratory scientific campaigns and the latest academic advances such that we are in a unique position to understand and best broadcast scientific messages to the general public. 

Targeted audience

In order to produce an interesting scientific and journalistic content, it is essential to have a transmission axis that can reach out to the broadest possible audience. The growing interest of the public for scientific questions regarding the consequences of climate change, and the resultant necessity to provide answers have put natural sciences under the spotlight. Filming and sharing researchers adventures in the field is thus one of the most effective ways to communicate on these subjects to the general public.

Meet The Team

Steering committee

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Dr. Giovan Peyrotty

Co-founder & Director

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Dr. Lucas Vimpere

Co-founder & President

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Dr. Davide Carraro


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Amaury Champion


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Co-founder & Member

Dr. Tamara
El Hossny


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Dr. Inés Segovia Campos


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Isabella Marchi Ciccodemarco


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Dr. Nicolas Oestreicher


Rachel Barbara


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